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For the 3rd segment of the night’s run, I turned up at the Duke of Kent armed with plenty of innuendo in which to wrap notes about the visit.   The sound system was just starting to play Super Freak as I entered and I reckoned it would be easier than I had planned.  Turned out, disco was all they played and I was beaten to the punch, I feared.  These fears were confirmed when I realised that the pub was putting on Twelfth Night, one of Shakespeare’s more homoerotic plays.  Well done, D.o.Y. Well done.




I got a “What You Will” ale, brewed for the occasion by the Fuller’s Brewery and wandered to the garden but it was only open to ticket holders.  The rest of the house held my interest but I felt a bit uncomfortable wandering around bits of it (more dining area than pub).

Oddly, despite the flaming theme of the music, the cross-dressing play staged in the garden, and the screaming customers everywhere you looked there didn’t appear to be any obviously gay staff but they probably didn’t feel the need to project it as much as the clientele, either.

Right on a huge park, just up from the Ealing Studios, and the food looks scrumptious.  Sashay on over when next you’re in the neighbourhood.


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