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Leg 2 of the evening run found me trundling up to the Red Lion, choosing a guest ale that was spectacular but that I forgot to note the name of, and weaving back to the loverly and densely shaded garden.  The photo only shows the small area that was unoccupied; otherwise, it was a hive of activity and three of the four tables in this picture filled before I was halfway done.  What they filled with were mostly academics from the nearby University of West London or, as Ealing Studios are about a hundred meters away, groups of academic ‘types’ from Central Casting.




A woman near me kept gushing about her planned tour of Asia to a table full of people.  Just before I left, she was pedantically explaining ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ to a dreadlocked professor (or professor ‘type’).  I was intrigued about how this was going to play out but not enough to refill my glass.





The plaque describing this as Stage 6 of the studios doesn’t point out the exterior similarities between the Ealing sound stages and the Lion.  The interior, though, is one of the more beautiful and well-kept boozers I’ve seen in a while (but that’s probably just something being in the posh part of town dictates).



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