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Trusting the West London Hash House Harriers to pick an adequate Thursday pub once again (The Chancellor’s last week and The Greenwood a couple of weeks before turned out well), I was still skeptical about Duffy’s and expected a small, insular, Irish local.  Instead, I got a large, friendly-but-raucous house with a good choice of ales (got an Olde Trip for £2.99) and a nearly tropical garden.  Well done to the club of drinking runners.




My own run was only starting with this alehouse just a mile and a half from the Acton Town Station and only that far by looping through Gunnersby Park; eventually, the evening’s trek would dump me at Perivale Station.  I noted a couple of other bars to check out on future runs on the journey so far and even spotted a drag bar that doesn’t open till 8 pm nightly but I think I know where to take unsuspecting — but trusting — visitors, now.

An old guy at the bar mentioned my film canister (I use it to keep change from scattering all over my backpack whilst running).  He said he hadn’t seen one in years and I pointed out that I’m down to my last few of these.  He had a sort of conspiratorial tone when he leaned forward and said he used to carry one around, too; so, I hit him with a similar lean in and suggested, as I did on another occasion a few weeks ago, that he probably used to keep his weed in there.  It took him a minute to realize what I was talking about then, flustered, he stammered, “no…NO.  Indeed, not.”  Freak.




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