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The Irish aren’t the only European’s still in this part of Brent (there are still a few poles and the Romanians have shops and restaurants here and there) but they are the only ones that seem to have licenses to serve intoxicating beverages.  I skipped one Irish bar thinking I might find a pub with a pubby exterior then settled on the quite wonderful Angie’s III.  Chastened by that experience, I didn’t feel like I could pass by McGovern’s without a pint of the black stuff.

One room, middle-aged spuddies propping up the bar on one side, holding down the booths down the other.  Three tv’s tuned to different horse races.  All good so far.

It crossed my mind that I might want to avoid Irish bars Saturday as the sectarian rivalry between Celtic and Rangers resumes in Glasgow, one of the most anticipated football matches in the last 5 years. The problem is, Ulster Irish and Republican Irish might have violently differing opinions on who to support in this one. There’s an old story from the Troubles: a rabbi is touring Belfast and a van pulls up and some heavily armed guys in Balaclavas bundle him in. One of the guys shoves a gun in the rabbi’s face and asked the life or death question:

“Ere ye a Protestant or a Catholic?”
Relieved, the old jew answered, “Son, I’m obviously a jew.”
The kidnappers conferred for a moment, then one responded,
“Aye, ’tis true enough. BUT…ere ye a Protestant jew or a Catholic jew.”

They’re showing Gaelic football at McGovern’s Saturday, by the way.



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