Shawl, South Harrow, Middlesex (and SLP #1, new sub-topic)   Leave a comment



The Shawl is the closest thing to South Harrow Station and, for that matter, the only pub close by. Still, it’s a great little neighbourhood bar despite the drink choices being lagers, ciders, spirits, Guinness and John Smiths and the neighbourhood looking so much different outside the bar than in. The guys at the rail are lively, the bartender on my visit a gem, and they’ve got an internet juke box…result. Of the animated fellers at the bar, the most so was a thin Spaniard that sounded far too much like Manuel from Fawlty Towers, very entertaining stuff but I didn’t make any notes (although I do remember that his wife was from Chile and one of the wags brought up Pinochet).




This post also brings up a new photo subject I’ve been contemplating for years, here (although I never really making it specific to one town). I bring you, now, Spectacular London Puke (SLP) #1, this one from the #114 bus, upstairs, boarded at South Harrow Station (note the footprint in it).  Fragrant, too:



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