Edgar’s, Hackney, London   2 comments



Edgar’s has a good variety of craft beers and I got something hoppy and fizzy and sat on one of the very few comfortable chairs in the place and started thumbing through this weeks edition of Time Out (sort of a “What’s Going On” magazine for the city).  There in the middle of the book was a review of the house (I will read it soon but I have this thing to dash out).



Speaking of dashing out…I actually dashed IN to this one and didn’t realise that my artificially imposed theme for the segment I was in process of doing for the day’s run was coincidentally met: the Edgar in this case was poet, alcoholic, and laudanum addict Edgar Allan Poe (something I would normally have noticed emblazoned on the building as it is).  That theme, “Literature,” was also picked up and in some ways closed by that poster above the bar of Hemingway’s (the name of the pub I tried to get to on the journey here) The Sun Also Rises…there’s a marginally better photo of this in the run write-up.

The place does a brisk lunch business, more food than alcohol.




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