Marquess Tavern, Islington, London   1 comment



Years ago, just after we moved to England, I ran through Islington and it seemed a bit rough…dangerous in spots.  Now, the biggest danger seems to be having your cologne mocked…quite wealthy and even snooty.  I was really soaked from the most recent mile of run on this hot and humid day so after paying for my beer (which the bartender at the Marquess Tavern seemed surprised I was able to do) I moved out to the garden where I found a cool breeze and a bit of shade and respite from the piped in music.




Some yummy-mummy types came as far as the door pushing prams but upon spotting me stewing in my own gravy one of them said loudly (for some unknown reason), “oh, I think it is probably much cooler inside.”  Success!




I wandered around looking at the art left our in the weather and, while I think some of the paintings deserve better treatment I can also see that this bad treatment of so many pieces is in itself an artistic statement.  Or, a statement that they don’t really have to consider such things.




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