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After Edgar’s, I had a string of unsuccessful pub visits on this run before finding the wonderful North By Northwest as I headed north by northwest toward Holloway.  With two macabre pubs in a row, I felt like something must be up.  While waiting for the barman to finish taking a food order, I spotted the Hitchcock cameo you always expect:




And, they take pride in their beer.  He assured me that the pump on the Life on Mars I ordered (from a local brewery) had already been primed and the beer is one he’d be happy to have.  He was right, too…one of the best dark ales I have sipped this year.  And, this got Hemingway’s Shotgun out of my head replacing it with the obvious Bowie cut.




There appear to be a lot of former Truman’s pubs in the area (the not-yet-open as I passed Stag’s Head still carrying the livery on its walls).




Pleasant music, good beer, suspect that the food is fabulous.  But, it’s worth a visit just for all the Hitchcock memorabilia.




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