London A to Z Runs : A   8 comments


Doing these in alphabetical order and not doubling up, today’s run could easily have been an ‘H‘ seeing as it started in Hillingdon and finished in Hounslow with two stops in Hayes and one in Harlington.  But, it was meant to be the ‘A‘ run and the ‘A‘ it was.  Not without some effort, though (full details of the stops will be in their respective write-ups).



The first stop was fairly straightforward, the Angel pub in Hayes (one of the best locals I have been in this year).  My next stop was supposed to be the George Orwell (y’know: Animal Farm), but it is now called Bootlaces; fortunately, the garden had salamanders on the wall so I went for Arizona.



With Animals still available, I trudged on toward the Red Lion in Harlington (shuttered) but soon found the functional Fullers pub, the White Hart.  The Airport pubs at Heathrow have all been done long ago so I went with Airborne via the Three Magpies in Hounslow.  [Coincidentally, my second ever Acid trip was on two magpies: some Heckle and Jeckle blotter.]  This stop could also have ticked off Air Force (RAF Lakenheath where the USAF family I spoke with are stationed).


Now, an impression of the run.  Oddly familiar, the bit from Hayes reminds me of the rough area around Stewart Avenue in Atlanta (the surface street leading to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport) although I didn’t see open drug dealing or prostitution.  As you continue toward the two airports, both routes then enter much more gentrified areas (College Park in Atlanta and Harlington here), followed by the bleak, utilitarian industrial hell-scape that surrounds most airports that do a lot of air freight.

I also found it especially odd that I neither heard nor saw any flights taking off or landing on the run save for the last half mile once I reached Bath Road.  That started to freak me out, a little, since I had not heard any news in the preceding several hours and the LAST time something like this happened the world was turned upside down (fortunately, this time it was just my imagination).

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