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People who don’t live in Hayes but know it will smirk when I say that I was standing in one of the shittier sections of Hayes (“or, as the world knows it: Hayes”), checking and rechecking my map.  The pub I came for should have been right there where Bootlaces was, but the only vaguely pub-like signage in sight was next to some hoarding hiding a demolition site. I got a McEwen’s lager and escaped the crowded, stuffy bar for the smoking garden at the back where the grating and far-too-loud pop music could not be heard.




There was an old, black man staring blankly off into the void.  As he lit a cigarette off the one he was just finishing, I asked, “did this pub used to be called something else?”

Startled, he looked at me then regained his composure. “Yes. Yes.” I rolled my hands in the universal, ‘go on’ gesture and he said, “It used to be the George Orwell.”  Satisfied that I had found the Animal Farm entry for my A to Z run and that, despite getting screwed by the name change, I could claim it for the Arizona motif on the wall I left the fellow in peace — for a while.

Nearly finished with my drink, I disturbed him again. “Has this always been an Irish pub?”

He considered the question for a moment then turned toward me slowly.  “No. Not particularly,” he said already making the slow turn back to watch whatever it was he was focused on a thousand miles away.





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