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There was darkness out at Heathrow and I still only occasionally heard (not yet spotting) flights taking off or landing.  The Three Magpies was packed to the rafters and I had to wonder if maybe there was some sort of shutdown at the airport but, no, it was just a typical Friday night crowd…and crowded was the operative word so I took my beer out back and took the only empty table adjacent to two little American girls shout-singing “Ring around the rosy.”  Definitely not the best luck I’ve had at a bar, but for a single beer I would tough it out.




The parental characters were probably two of the three adults at the table and when the fellows left, I got nosy with the female one and asked what they were doing there (expecting “killing time before a flight home” or “just arrived from the States.”

“We’re stationed at Lakenheath,” came the surprising reply.  That actually gave us something to talk about for a moment since my first port of call in this country was within running distance of the RAF base.  And, in typical American fashion she gushed their entire USAF enlisted personnel histories before the gents were back from the gents…a point criminals and terrorists should probably make note of how easy this can be to extract. It was little more, in this case, than something shiny left there, unattended for a magpie to take.


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