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The Castle in Harrow-on-the-Hill is really a spectacular pub, one that should (and may well be) on a register of architectural significance.  Wandering through with my beer I found first the Clock Room, then another with a window on the back of the bar, another small room, a hidden dining room, a small barside room, a garden and spied even more spaces off the 2nd room I entered.  It is kind of a Russian Doll of a pub.  A very NICE Russian Doll, mind you, but not the Fabergé Egg many of its patrons behave as if it is.




A very camp Indian fellow in a fantastically expensive looking suit (shabby in the way that only tailoring from whole cloth can perfectly achieve) was driven there in an urban assault vehicle by what I took to be either bodyguards or very young boyfriends (and no reason they shouldn’t be both).  Fawned over by the staff, I figured he was either the owner or a local crime boss (and no reason he shouldn’t be both).

This was one of the more interesting pub visits I’ve had where no one spoke to me as I savoured my beer (three choices of ale all from Fullers, and some craft taps to tempt you).




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