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The Civil Engineer is really just the bar inside the Blue Orchid but the restaurant looks really good.  As technically a civil engineer myself, this was attractive (my environmental engineering degree that led to my chemical engineering license — and which I use mostly for electrical and mechanical engineering jobs — was conferred by the Georgia Tech School of Civil Engineering).

I convinced myself that it was, indeed, a pub whilst running along the road looking for a bus to take me back to Ruislip and as the old joke goes two came along at once (but I just sat down to a cider so that’s okay):




This is kind of a nice stretch of road just east of the relatively shitty bits of Yeading (see what I did there: civil engineering in the set-up, environmental engineering in the payoff). The bar is just a typical Indian restaurant bar, though: Carling cider, Cobra lager, a bunch of colourful liqueurs, etc.  If I come back, it will be for dinner (not the bar).




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