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Last week’s successful ‘A’ run of the London A to Z Runs saw me planning a unified theme this time; but, I didn’t really have any time to seek out a manageable sized run for Battle Themed Pub Names (I was thinking things like Albion, Maida Vale, Alma, etc) or any number of other single subject B‘s. So, I stuck with what has worked once, a Bunch of random B‘s.


Alighting at the Baker Street Bus Stop, I trotted around the corner to change clothes and grab a Beer at the Beehive which, sadly, had suffered a Blaze and has been Burned-out.



Reorienting, I commenced the run in earnest but got drawn toward the Lord’s Tavern. Knowing I would never be appropriately dressed for the Home of Cricket, itself, this was always going to have to be the nearest I would get to the pitch. Why ‘B‘? Well, Bat and Ball, not to mention the Bails.  However, the County Cricket Championships were underway and they had a Bouncer at the door.  Barred from this venue, I invoked a Back-Up plan and doubled back a few hundred meters to the Globe pub (Bard, indeed).



I have never even considered imitating the Beatles on the cover of Abbey Road, but there are countless Bastards who do and you can always just photograph them. With any luck, one of them will be struck by a delivery van while you are there.

Turning off Abbey Road a little north of the studios (and all that ugliness in the zebra crossing), you can take Belsize Road to the Priory (which, filled with us laity, is more of a Beguinage, write-up soon). Not far along at Kilburn High Street, the Old Bell (write-up soon) served me my last Beverage before the tube trip back to the Border Country.

Next time: let’s “C” what I Come up with.  Leaning toward Crime as a single theme….


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