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Sunday mornings, lately, I’ve planned runs to tick off Wetherspoon pubs so I can do my long run with a 9 am beer break.  I got lost and ran a bit extra through Harrow & Wealdstone so I was surprised to find the New Moon closed when I arrived at 10 til 10, until I saw the sign in the window stating their opening hours as 10 every day (not 9 Saturday and Sunday as stated on their website):



So, I waited 10 minutes with the other alcoholics.  Then, some left when it was still dark inside at 5 past.  Others arrived, some more left.  At 10:15, someone finally opened up and languidly started pouring about 10 minutes later.  I finally got a beer that tasted soapy from poorly rinsed beer lines.  I returned this to the gruff tender who implied I didn’t know what beer is supposed to taste like (I didn’t point out that this was pub #1621 but made it clear I have been drinking beer here for a while); eventually, he gave me another with black, viscous sediment in the bottom of the glass.  One of the old drunks I had been chatting with during our lock-out, earlier, backed me up on this return and I got a Fosters to replace it.

Fuck this place.  At least I got a decent run in.


Posted September 25, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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