First 2016 Presidential Debate Buzzword Betting Re-cap   1 comment


Here were the debate buzzword results and the odds Ladbrokes was paying out on them (see the post from last week for the details).

These paid out:
“Make America Great Again” (1:10), twice by Trump at the end.
“Commander In Chief” (1:5) came up twice (both times in Clinton responses)
“Putin” (1:2), 3 times by Clinton
“Pennsylvania” (Evens) all Trump, once for the State of and twice for the White House address
“Unbelievable” (6:4) Trump described his company twice as “unbelievable”
“Reagan” (6:4) twice by Trump, and “Racist” (2:1) three times in one Clinton answer


Tear up your betting slip if you had these:
“Lying” (1:2) no
“Crooked” (4:6) he couldn’t say it to her face
“Pneumonia” (Evens) nope
“Terrific” (Evens) no
“Basket Of Deplorables” (6:4) no baskets
“Brexit” (5:1) no
“There You Go Again” (5:1) no
“Give Me A Break” (5:1) no
“Monica Lewinsky” (10:1) no
“You’re Likeable Enough” (10:1) nogo
The very dickish “How’s Your Cold” (20:1) sadly was not used.


These last ones were close enough to get excited about:
“Mexico’s Gonna Pay For It” (5:4), no but Trump mentioned Mexico six times in context of how well they are doing down there
“Founding Fathers” (2:1) closest was Trump talking about his father’s company.
“You’re Fired” (2:1); fired only came up in the context of Carrier Air Conditioning firing 1400 workers and moving the factory to Mexico.
“Washington Bubble” (3:1) no, economic bubble, vis “We are in a big, fat, ugly bubble.”
“Total Loser” (4:1) did not happen although Trump did point out, “I have a winning temperament. I know how to win.”
“How the Hell Should I Know” (20:1), but Trump said “we have to knock the hell out of ISIS, and we have to do it fast.”
“You’re No Jack Kennedy” (33:1) but Trump mentioned Kennedy Airport.

I had “Make America Great Again,” “Commander In Chief,” “Putin,” “Racist,” and “Crooked” netting £22.17 including the 4 out of my 5 quid stake returned.

If you bet £1 on each possibility (£25) you would leave the bookies with £6.33 including your stake (for a net loss of £18.67).  If, instead of gambling, you were using these as a drinking game then you probably stayed relatively sober. I didn’t think of it as a game and, as a result, I DID NOT stay sober. The VP match-up may be a little better.


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