Black Horse, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire   1 comment


At a busy roundabout on the road to Slough (and quite in the middle of nowhere), I found the Black Horse.  It is a large, restaurant/pub that while very modern and restaurant-y inside does something the chain atrocities (Beefeater, Harvester, Hungry Horse) almost always fails at: making it seem like a proper pub.  The atmosphere, despite the trappings, was convivial and geared toward conversation with private areas as well as more open spaces none of which felt like a roadside diner.

I was served a pint of Tangle Foot (appropriately enough) by a friendly chap that reminded me of Dom DeLuise — not fat Dom but Dom during one of his thinner (but still quite camp) periods.  There were two more pumps but the casks were still not ready (I was assured they usually have three ales available).

I lingered a bit too long in the dog-friendly garden out front.  The traffic abated but so did the twilight. Note to self: invest in a good military or police torch now that the nights are longer and happen so much earlier (and it will only get worse, daily for the next few months).



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