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I left the Black Horse and stumbled along the uneven Buckinghamshire pavements until, safely back inside the M25, I reached regular street lighting back around the Pipemakers Arms.  A few hundred meters more and I reached the last pub of the run, the General Eliott.



Bartender: “Alright?” [the sort of generic howdy-do here]
Me: “Yeah, I’m good, thanks, and how are you?”
Bartender, taken aback by the wrong reply, which should have either been a drinks order or “Alright,” answered back with : “Fine, yes, and how are you?”

I’d seen this bit in a Marx Brothers film so I stopped it with “You’re supposed to be better at this than me.” Then I ordered a Bombardier Golden Ale and slunk off to the canal side.



I could see the Dolphin across the bridge and it occurred to me that I was already depleting the area around my house of virgin pub territory.  I listened to a couple where the guy was trying to explain the Hash House Harriers to the female, and I got the song Father Abraham stuck in my head with General Eliott inserted thus:

General Eliott had many sons.
Many sons had General Eliott.
And he never laughed,
And he never cried,
All he did was go like this . . .

With a left (swing left arm around), (First time, sing chorus again while continuing motion, then add one of these after each round of the chorus until all are being done for the last chorus.)
And a right (swing right arm around)
And a left (step out with left leg)
And a right (step out with right leg)
And a HOO (stick head in)
And an AAH (shove pelvis forward).

Weird, the things that coarse through a feeble mind, I though then noticed my beer was suddenly empty.  I was about to leave in a huff but I had to stop by to toilet first so I left in a minute and a huff.




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