Pipemaker’s Arms, Uxbridge, Middlesex   1 comment



First stop on the evening run was at the Pipemakers Arms.  I came in the garden door and heard one of the dozen or so fellows at the bar loudly saying, “it’s all in the hands of the rich people.”  The statement trailed off to a whisper toward the end as everyone turned to see who the stranger joining them was.  I was wearing a bright red shirt with a yellow hammer and sickle on the front, so I think that encouraged them to resume the revolutionary talk almost immediately.



I was more an observer at this stop but I think if I stayed for a second round I would have soon been included.  The conversations I eavesdropped were great and wide-ranging:

•The Presidential Debate (the consensus is Trump is a psychopath but counter-arguments did point out Nigel Farage and even Tony Blair mean British politics are just as stupid)

•I heard two different conversations that kind of merged with the result that “Cliff Richards has got a vineyard there…” “…and, that’s where all your shit comes from.”

•One guy sitting behind a freshly filled pint lushly proclaimed, “I am having NO more beer.” While he was draining the top third of the glass, another guy pleaded with the landlady, “don’t put him on the gin…he gets violent.”

 Not bad at all, but the sun was setting and I had another stop out a mile or so west beyond the street lighting so, getting growled at by the massive mastiff by the front door I left my regards and ran into the fading light.



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