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C is for Crime, and that is the single theme for today’s A to Z Run (unlike the ones for A and B, which looked for A‘s or B‘s all over a given route).  This was going to be easy in a big city but I had already done a pub with a Ripper connection and another famous for an incident involving the Krays.  This had to be a manageable distance and have some interesting Crime related pubs or sites to hit.  Let’s see how I did….



From the Coach stop at Marble Arch, I made a short dash up to the City of Quebec for a quick Cocktail.  Note, these highlighted C‘s are just incidental.  The crime connection here is sodomy, strictly illegal in Britain until the Sexual Offenses Act of 1967, two full decades after this oldest gay bar in the city opened.  And, not just old but famed for being inhabited by dudes older than me, fer buggery’s sake.



Looking for escort ads at phone boxes along the way (oldest profession, one of the oldest crimes) I eventually made my way to the Smugglers Tavern for a pint (passing, nothing to do with the first pub, Cockpit Yard on the way).




I got lost, as is my wont, on the way to the Old Nick, named for the police station (nick) that used to be housed here and not for Old Nick (the Devil) that features on the sign.  On the way back, I spotted a sign that features someone who might very well be the devil (and certainly fits the criminal theme of the run): Don Draper from Madmen:




I would be remiss if, on this trip, I avoided the Old Bailey.  So, I was remiss.  But, I have had a good run for decades missing the Old Bailey despite my best efforts to the contrary.  This time, however, it was completely accidental or, rather, not intentional due to my poor judgement re: trusting my sense of direction.  Soon, I found myself lost in the East End.




With a former crime (buggery), a current crime (smuggling), enforcement of criminal laws (a Police Station), avoidance (however unintentional) of the dispatch of those laws (the Old Bailey), and one of the laws of Nature (my sense of direction) all covered, I doubled back toward the Tower of London (the Monarch’s personal prison) for a hint of punishment for criminal activity.  The pub here was the Hung, Drawn and Quartered.



This was a moderately successful run which stuck largely to the single theme.  The next one will also tentatively stick to one thing, too.  “D” will be for Dr Who pubs.  Check back in a week to see how that turns out.


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