Old Nick, Holborn, London   2 comments



Out front of the Old Nick and inside in little colonies, infestations of Law Wankers ruined what otherwise was a gorgeous building and a decent experience.  They weren’t exclusively Alpha Cocksuckers, but enough were and their Circle Jerk preening was even off-putting to their women colleagues who would stand around the perimeter of these dickheads just long enough to realise their input was not valued and their presence not needed.




I was there as part of the C for Crime run and even though the sign shows the personification of Old Nick the house actually gets its name from BEING the old nick (or police station).




So, I really liked the house, the beer was good, and if I hadn’t caught the end of day crowd I’m sure my impression would have been much better.  Maybe meet the wife for lunch, sometime (since her law library is in the neighbourhood and probably serves some of this scum).




Posted September 30, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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