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We were spending day one of our four-day weekend chasing used furniture all over London and finally wound up below Highgate Hill and just above Islington.  Worn out, we needed a drink to kill the time it would take for the rush hour crowds to dissipate on the Tube and because we just needed a drink.  The Shaftesbury was the only thing nearby but turned out to be okay.


The house was spare but looked like a proper boozer except that the kid running the show seemed a bit dim and his buddy at the bar bloody stupid and the both of them far too middle class for the neighbourhood but I’ll give them this: their choice of music was spectacular.

I got a pint of the brewed-in-house beer for a quite reasonable £3.40 then Jackie finally decided on a glass of wine for which she received 3 quid change from a tenner.  Jesus. Fucking. Christ.  Stick to the beer.



Posted September 30, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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