Smugglers Tavern, Fitzrovia, London   1 comment



Continuing the theme of Crime for this run, I plodded in the general direction of the Smugglers Tavern.  Eventually spotting my quarry tucked down a narrow road, I boarded the ship for a pint of grog or, at the very least, some beer.  A schooner of Truman’s Runner seemed most appropriate for my day.




There was no room out front and the hold also filled slowly over the course of my half hour break.  At first, I could eavesdrop on the table of three with two of them advising the third on employment law in heavily accented English.  I think he was Spanish but the two women and most of the next twenty new recruits were Portuguese.  Odd, but I’ve encountered stranger.



The music was pleasant enough: rock and reggae with Toots and the Maytals doing (of course) Pressure Drop as I arrived.  The photos make it look a little more of a themed bar than it actually is, too.  Instead of smuggling, for instance, the main crime seems to be highway robbery from the prices charged for beer and — perusing the cocktail menu I found — booze.


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