Hare and Hounds, Greenford, Middlesex   Leave a comment



Quite the lively pub, packed with Greenfordians of all ages, colours, and political stripe the Hare and Hounds was also surprising in that it has three ale taps — albeit hidden away at the back half of the Lounge Bar.  Still, the back half of the Lounge was where the densest population was.



Accurate and brutally honest poetry was not what I expected to find framed in the front Lounge bar. Sure, it’s not especially good poetry but even Betjeman had occasional off days.  Kudos.


I drew immediate attention due to the heavy sweating having just run in from Uxbridge via the path past the Gun Club/Shooting School back towards Yeading.  A friendly interrogation ensued while I awaited my Pedigree with an Indian, a Caribbean, and a Pole (bar joke there?  Actually, they were all second or third generation…) mocking my condition and the idea that someone would run ANYWHERE much less to the bar.  This was an easy one to counter as I headed outside to change into a dry sweatshirt (the evenings get cool fairly quick at sunset now): if you were going to run anywhere, the bar seems to be the MOST sensible place to go.  Agreement all around and I left before any of them could point out how many other bars were so much closer to just about every point on my journey (thus saving me from having to explain the blog you are reading and its mission).




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