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The Ruislip Lido is actually a reservoir and, sadly, currently not open to swimming due to the oily silt in the shallow lake.  It was getting dark as I arrived so, rather than explore the wood surrounding the pond, I sought out the Water’s Edge pub on the north banks.  It is hard to miss as it looks more like an art deco lodge and, although sitting on the edge of a bank of nondescript flats, it is flanked by woods on either side as you look for it from the south side of the Lido.




It seems a serviceable enough place although more of a carvery restaurant than a pubby pub.  I took my watery pint of Doom Bar out to the decks to let my sweat cool a bit since it was quite hot inside.  Two girls came out for a smoke wearing shorts and mid-drift tops, one with spray tan of a tone I would call Kerala or maybe Russet.  They talked — in heavy Irish accents — about some party they attended.  The chestnut one was pretty funny: “so, Muggins here tries to break up the fight just as [lad’s name] bottles the boy.  Had blood all over me face, I did, and my white top was ruined.”  I never found out what happened to the fellow, though.




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