London A to Z Runs: D   6 comments


The London A to Z runs are progressing nicely and are up to D, this time for Dr Who.  I probably should have started at Baker Street (named, of course, for the best Doctor), but instead opted for something closer to the pub featured in a Dr Who episode earliest across all series (that is still open).  Scenes of The Invasion starring the 2nd Doctor, Patrick Troughton, were shot in and around The Morpeth Arms as were parts of Terror of the Zygons with Tom Baker as the 4th Doctor.



Sticking with Tom Baker for another stop, St Stephens Tavern featured in Genesis of the Daleks and is conveniently located across from the Palace of Westminster.



Moving up to Trafalgar Square, we skip the dreadful range of Doctors following Peter Davidson (#5) and tried to pick things up at Halfway to Heaven where Doctor #9 Christopher Eccleston met Rose (Billie Piper); also of note, on this run the first green space I passed near Victoria Station was Eccleston Square (spooky).  David Tennant (Doctor #10) also used this watering hole in the Christmas Invasion.  Unfortunately, unforeseen circumstances had this City Centre gay bar closed on a Friday evening:






Nearby on Villiers Street, the Princess of Wales from Aliens of London provided a resting spot and a little adventure (Eccleston again).  After a quick one there and a dash back to Parliament, the Red Lion completed the tour.  It, too, was used in Aliens of London as well as another Eccleston ep, World War III.

Bonus Recipe: Sonic Screwdriver — Freshly squeeze some orange juice then screech and point a penlight at it whilst pouring vodka in it.  Drink.


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