Red Lion, Westminster, London   1 comment


The fifth planned pub (and fourth that was actually open) on the Doctor Who run Friday was the Red Lion across from the Whitehall offices housing the Foreign Office and Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs.  So, I was overrun with suits, once again, and the part of the bar I settled into convinced me the uniform of the Civil Servant is a sky blue suit with powder blue shirt; individuality is expressed in the choice of tie (not haircut) and there seems to be some sort of sectarian divide on the choice of blue or brown shoes.



The beer selection was good and (for the location) reasonably priced.  I had a Fuller’s London Porter and, despite my appalling appearance and the din of the crowd was able to have a halfway entertaining conversation with a couple of the Foreign Office guys.  They may mostly be besuited wankers, but most of these guys have good quality doctorates so they are MY besuited wankers.




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