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The barman at the Load of Hay asked if I wanted a refill but I looked out at the setting sun and said, “no, I better get running if I’m going to make the Crown and Malt Shovel before dark.”
“Are you in CAMRA or something?”
Shaking my head, “naah, just an alcoholic,” then remembering I had been a member these last 8 years, “oh, hang on…I AM in CAMRA; do I get a free refill?”

CAMRA would like this mini pub crawl, anyway, as there were 3 ales to choose from as I entered the Crown. I went for a Hobgoblin and got it in a glass with the new Wychwood livery; most of the other fellas were downing Stella to celebrate one of their members’ birthday.

It was eerily quiet, save for the joviality of the birthday boy’s group. The music drifting in almost inaudibly from the rapidly filling dining room was a nice mix of 70’s rock you don’t hear enough of anymore: Heart of Gold by Neil Young followed by Sheena is a Punk Rocker by the Ramones; the tele was on a set-up menu page with no sound…as good as it gets.




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