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A giant dog, a black great dane mixed with an armored personnel carrier, met me at the door of the Load of Hay.  The chinese kids had either gotten past or had been eaten by him so I reckoned either he was friendly or full.  I made my way to the bar and was delighted to find a variety of not-the-usual ciders on tap; I got a Bee Sting perry then moved through a door to the dark, rear bar only to find that it was actually a dark, rear Chinese restaurant.  I took a seat back at the cider section which also seemed to house lagers and a line of Belgian beers each with their own exotic glass.




When I visited the Militia Canteen a few weeks ago, the gents I met referred to this place as “the Load of Shit” but that seems unfair if not a bit rich coming from those guys.  Still, the atmosphere is more of the sort of squat I would have inhabited at the time I was doing similar work near a University I would have been attending (had I not been such a massive stoner at the time).  There were several natives in their mid-to-late twenties who felt completely comfortable going behind the bar to reach the squalid housing area of the bar, pushing past the bath towel drying on the door and into the cluttered, dirty, and unfurnished room beyond.





The conversation was ludicrous and focused on single pot versions of American breakfast cereals.  One of the fellows was munching on some Lucky Charms and washing it down with a beer a bit darker than the massive dog guarding the house from the couch in the front window and occasionally barking in a loud low tone that shook the rafters.  “How’s that perry?” the barman asked and I said, “magically delicious,” but no one seemed to pay it any mind.

The patrons of the Chinese were exclusively Chinese students and seemed to be flowing steadily in from Brunel University across the way.  Dusty books were everywhere, and it finally occurred to me what this reminded me most of: the Blue Ball in Grantchester (which I went to on a regular basis while working at Cambridge).  Well done, kids.




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