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The pub run moved steadily upscale as the evening encroached but the fading twilight on the tow path would be good enough to get me back to the Uxbridge Tube Station. After the glorious squalor of the Load of Hay and the low-key local atmosphere of the Crown, the Malt Shovel‘s classy restaurant atmosphere would have to work hard to pass as a serviceable — if posh — pub. Carly Simon on the speakers bemoaning vanity seemed almost too apropos.





The menu chalked on a board near the four real ale pumps (the house is Cask Marque) looks pretty good for the carnivore. The price for a pint is more than reasonable (my amber one was only £3.40). Taylor Swift was next on the piped music and my judgmental hackles were up; the music was absolutely perfect for the bland and shallow atmosphere they seemed to be working on.

I was also a bit disappointed to see Halloween decor scattered around. Christ, if the Trump ascendancy has taught us anything it’s that most of the stuff that seems shitty from America actually IS shitty.




Two guys walked in and there was an air of business being done. One of them was entertaining the other either as a job candidate or a visitor from out of town. He asked the guest yuppie what he was having to drink then turned to the bartender asking, “Can I get two of those, please?” This is the most subordinate thing you could say in this situation. Or so I thought; he followed up with, “we haven’t booked but is it possible we can get a table?” It was Tuesday at 6:25, the restaurant is fucking huge, remote and empty…demand a table and some better music.





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