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One of the profs I work for at Oxford picked this hat up for me in Japan because it said something about running and it was fucking hilarious.

It seems that something went wrong at the hat manufacturing plant and random words were programmed into the embroidery machine. A former colleague sent me a similarly funny menu from China a few years ago, so I think it might be a result of Google Translate applied to Asian languages.

Regardless, I can’t find anything online that this collection of words might mean:

Fly On The Horizon Like A Cloud
Speed Wings
Infinite Running
It continues shining exceeding a time

[As a matter of fairness and transparency, that’s my breakfast to the right in the photo: a sausage and a potato patty on brown bread drizzled with Marmite.  Brits are indecipherable, too.]


Posted October 13, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Made Me Laugh, Running, work

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