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In unfamiliar territory in the post-sunset twilight, a pint of Courage seemed appropriate and what better indicator that this was available than the Courage & Co livery all over the Windermere. I went into the trackside near South Kenton Station and entered a land that time forgot.




The fellows playing billiards in the ornate Lounge Bar were generally in their twenties and thirties, but the guys at the perfectly preserved, carved walnut Public Bar were relics (although, to be honest, I believe most to be about my age). Excited to see a stranger, I heard stories from a couple of these guys that they tell so often that blokes from the other room were hollering in corrections.



It serves its purpose, the pub does. The very mixed community gathers here to maintain the community spirit or just to shoot the shit (and a few racks of pool). One of the nicer large venues I’ve come across in recent months — worth a journey out to the northern reaches of Wembley.



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  2. I’ve seen this place from the train so many times. One day!


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