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E is for Ealing, the London Borough just south of mine and also a town of some renown and 5 Tube Stations around which I based this wee run and pub crawlette (only 3 this time).

Hopping off at Ealing Common Station — which of the 5 is the least Dead Common — I made my way mapless to South Ealing and found no pubs on the route I took but got lucky on my way to West Ealing (which is actually a National Rail stop and has nothing to do with Transport For London).  The pub that finally broke up the run was the Foresters, a fine old house.

Making my way past West Ealing, Gordon Road bypassed Ealing Broadway on my way to North Ealing under which lights I found the Greystoke, another fantastic old pub where I met a Network Rail employee and had a grand conversation.

Returning to Ealing Broadway, I popped in the Lodge which was a major disappointment after the previous two.

I understand Ealing is also famous for Films, but I already have that set aside for the F version of this 26 part Pub Crawl…next week.


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