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The Forester is impressive, even imposing, inside and out and one of those rare venues that looks better in person than on the interwebs. The staff members are a bit slow but they are attentive once they get around to you — perhaps methodical is a bit more accurate but they are all very young and the house is intimidatingly.  The two women dining on chicken pad thai (which alone took them five minutes to order) and two other dishes they must have started ordering a day earlier, were treated with the care and deference you’d expect at a white-table-cloth gaff (not at a place where you pay as you order at the bar and tell them which table you’re sitting at).




I eventually got served by a delightful woman who appeared from the larger (but just as empty) Lounge Bar.  She apologised for the wait and I said it couldn’t be helped (see how British I’ve become — that is what passes as a slashing insult, here) and admitted that it gave me a chance to decide which of the five ales I was going to have — said in the hopes that there might be five more, better ones hiding in the labyrinthine bars.  Alas, I went for the ironically named “Independence” which I have only seen in pubs tied to Fuller’s Brewery despite it coming from the Liberation brewery in the Channel Islands.



There was one other customer, a skinny guy just roaring drunk sitting at the bar drinking a bright pink concoction I took to be a lager with a shot of berry squash in it.  Incredibly obnoxious, I was the only animate object that escaped his harassment within his 10 foot or so depth of focus.  There’s one in every good bar; my services were unnecessary, here.  I left to continue my run around Ealing.




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