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The sun was setting as I reached the Greystoke and despite the cold outside it was boiling hot and unbearably humid within.  There were two cider choices and I went for the one that WASN’T 8.5% abv as I still needed to get groceries and set up the barbecue for supper and didn’t want to fall into the fire later on.  Me, my cider, and my sweaty clothes went out to the rail-side porch to think about how to complete the evening’s run without getting lost in the dark.



Steam was still riding from my shirt and I had to remove my glasses.  I was blindly contemplating the lights of this quieter section of Ealing by the North Ealing tube station as some guy appeared a couple of picnic tables away.  “I like your shirt,” he commented; I was wearing a bit of United Auto Workers kit — acquired from an old union buddy back home — with a ‘fight for justice’ theme to it.  I put my glasses back on and looked to see what shirt I had on then to assess the deliverer of the most awkward chat up line I have heard in years.

The resulting convo was actually very good although he seemed to feel the need to explain how things work here at every turn for the first ten minutes before realising a lot of what we were discussing were things I was both passionate about and more knowledgeable of than him: workers’ movements and rail systems around the world.  This latter imbalance was strange in first instance because he actually works for Network Rail and in the second because despite being a native involved in the rail industry he never uses the rail and doesn’t know much about the destinations it can take you nor the various rail vendors that have fucked up the system since privatisation.

I lingered over this conversation longer than I might normally do but eventually the chill caught up to me and I downed the dregs of my glass.  With any luck, I could hit one more bar near Ealing Broadway before making my way home (hopefully by 9 pm).



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