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The Red Lion in Iver is a Chef & Brewer pub; so, as it is more focused on food than drink, my dear bartender was stuck humiliatingly behind a maître d’s podium.  I waved off her furtive glance at the seating chart and said, “bar, only, love.”

“Have you been running or is it raining?”

“Yes,” I said and went back to choosing a beverage.

“Sorry, a logic miscommunication on my part. Which?”

“Oh,” I replied thinking that this was spectacular, “both.”



I paid for my cider and my change included one of the new, plastic fivers which I immediately inspected. “It’s real I assure you.”

“Oh, that’s not the issue,” I said as I thrust the note back her way with my thumb under the AK52 prefix of the serial number.  A waitress completed my thought: “if it’s AK47 to start then there are idiots out there that will buy it for £50,000.”  I nodded.  “Some jackass bought one at auction for 80k last week even though, legally, they are worth precisely five quid.” {UPDATE: bought but never paid for, story here.}

“Excuse me a mo, I’m just going to inspect the safe,” my hostess informed us. Smart woman. I hope she gives me a cut if she gets lucky (although getting a cut whilst getting lucky seemed so much more a Whip & Collar thing before that house turned out so bland).



The rain ceased as quickly as it had started.  Autumn is still like that despite the trees only now turning colour a month and a half late.  The sun continues to set earlier every day and soon I’ll only be able to inspect nice country pubs like this on days off.





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