The Whip and Collar, Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire   2 comments



Mapping out the Sunday run, I amused myself noticing how Love Lane turns into Swallow Street (look at this link to the map and you’ll notice they, appropriately enough, parallel Wood Lane). This seemed àpropos of nothing until I spotted the neighbourhood pub, the Whip & Collar.  I reckoned it was 50/50 that it was much more “vanilla” than the name suggested since the location was out beyond the suburbs even bordering on the wilderness; but, I’ve been surprised out in the country before. The Black Horse in Great Durnford and the New Inn in Winterbourne Monkton being quite remarkably BDSM friendly houses and quite literally in the well lubricated ass ends of nowhere.




No wi-fi so I couldn’t ask for the safe pass word. No music so I couldn’t request Venus in Furs or anything by Throbbing Gristle. I’m pretty sure this is simply a sports (non-water type) bar. But, at least the Doom Bar was good and I didn’t wake up in the basement (closed for refurbishment) getting what I think of as the E2R treatment.







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  2. Hi there, firstly thank you for popping in on your Sunday Run glad your Doombar was good, Iwouldnt expect anything else…quite stange that you failed to get wifi as its free to our customers as displayed on the entrance and obtainable from the bar, we also had live music on Sunday the 16th a very enjoyable sunday afternoon with a fantastic atmosphere, from your assuming we are a sports bar, we are infact a family run pub that caters for all, we have charity fun days, live music, karaoke, garden partys, all sports..walkers, bikers (with bike racks) sky/Bt aports, quiz nights…endless efforts…we have a strict policy of no antisocial behaviour/drugs policy…we work hard and have done since opening the pub on the 2nd of November 2013, that was closed and in a sad state of repair….with alot of love the pub is back to the welcoming community supported pub that it deserves from hard work and keeping a good old fashioned drinking pub alive! Whether your single or with family your always be welcome at The Whip & Collar..hope you’ll visit again x


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