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The bird logo also looks, appropriately enough, like a hand putting up two fingers.

I went to Shoreditch because it is renowned as Street Art Central and this would give me G for Graffiti as a run theme.  However, I had a back up plan to hit pubs with G in the name.  Here’s the net result.



Over the street market not far from Liverpool Street Station, I spotted one in the waning light and torrential rain (above).  This would be easy, I thought.  The occasional vandalism of the better thought out vandalism was inevitable:




But, it took a lot more hunting than I was led to believe to find anything like the treasure trove of spray can masterpieces that I was led to believe existed in this realm.




The graffiti pickings were pretty scant with most of the suggested roads (by friends and colleagues) heavily abraded for the sake of the Philistine homesteaders’ (who have gentrified the buurt) property value and presentation.  A shame, really, but to be expected.  Ironic art that they didn’t choose has no place in the hipster habitat; or, perhaps the irony is that this IS the habitat they chose before they pulled a Palmyra on the place.




If you really explore the still-dodgy-looking back alleys near the industrial and council estate parts of the neighbourhood, you can find a little bit of what I was expecting.




But, generally, this had no more (and, in many ways, less and not as impressive) thoughtful tags than even my suburban region way up in the Northwest (I really should document the A-40  ‘galleries’ outside Uxbridge sometime soon).




The best stuff seems to be commissioned for construction hoarding …




… and looks for all the world like the sort of stuff you get in Holland or Germany on every spare piece of trackside ‘canvas’ available.




So, I took what little was to be found in the rainy dusk.  I gave up after a few miles and focused on the G pubs: the Grocer in Spitalfields, the Griffin at the northern reach of Shoreditch, the missing Golden Bee (no write-up as it has yielded to new construction), and the Globe just beyond Bunhill Fields on the way to Bank.




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