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I managed to get a nice porter at the larger bar and sifted through to the Blake bar of the Globe.  At the upright piano with the sign admonishing not to put your glasses on it, I laid my worthless map down as a coaster and yelled at the guy next to me.

“Busy, eh?”
He nodded.
“Almost like a Friday night.”
“It IS Friday night,” he informed me, not appreciating the joke. I chose to just eavesdrop on the groups of children that seemed to fill the house instead of pursuing this.




Grabbing my beer, I noticed the portrait of Blake.  Digging out a 1p and propping it on the frame, I looked up to see the wrinkled brow of the humourless man.  “Penny for the Ferryman,” I explained.

“Excuse me,” he said and pushed through the crowd to get away from me.  I get a lot of that.




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