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The neighbourhood looked promisingly dangerous in the dark and rain but you enter the Griffin and are transported to a Reagan era suburban yuppie bar.  A bit loud to talk, the prices are such that you would only bring someone there to have a chat, if it was really for that.  All a bit of a letdown since this is considered an architecturally outstanding example of a pub interior.

Instead, it does an impression of a local that someone who doesn’t drink would throw together.  The real tell for me is when you stand at the bar and want to hang your wet jacket or, in this case, backpack up; you run your hand under the bar top in front of you and there they AREN’T: the hooks mounted under a real locals’ bar for just such an occasion.

The fashion statements were on theme with those at the Grocer, earlier, and even amongst the trimmed beards wearing what I guess is considered “casual chic” or maybe “mock bit-of-rough,” no one would consider hanging their 600 quid hoody from a hook, anyway.



Posted November 7, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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