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I needed some groceries and wanted a beer, so I hopped off the tube at Perivale Station to use the art deco Tesco and to check in on the Perivale Farm pub, which just reopened last weekend.  It was the first Friday open after a couple of months worth of remodelling and there were more employees than customers.  They scattered, though, when I tried to document them falling over each other behind the bar:




Despite the restaurant atmosphere, it was much more like a local around the bar.  Nearby, three generations (the youngest member being about 13 years old and sipping a cola), were having an unusually frank conversation about another family member’s ovarian cancer.  I spent most of my time talking to an Irish builder from Galway.

There was something weird going on in the corner, though.  There were two black women in one side of the booth and they kept bringing over different members of staff to chat.  After each one left to send over another, the one nearest the window would pull out a wad of five pound notes and count out a few.  I want to know, but probably best I stay clueless on this one.






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  1. This is one of my locals. Good layout – families one end (with play area) but adults only the other so it’s quiet.


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