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The landlady was standing in the doorway of the Five Bells talking with a teenager further inside; I opened the door and we startled one another then both moved toward the bar. “What’ll you have?” she asked and I asked for a Foster’s then added, “but that looks pretty good, too,” nodding toward the hot chocolate she had set on the end of the bar.

Taking immediate offense, she tensed up and demanded, “WHAT did you say?” I realised the beverage was in a direct line of sight between me and the girl.

“The cocoa. That and a shot of brandy would be grand, but I’ll just have the beer for now.”





Down the hallway to the larger, back bar I spotted these Wanted For Murder posters that were interesting on several levels. First, £20K would be a nice payday. Second, this suburban pub seems to need posters in English, Dutch, and Arabic. Third, the incident occurred on Field End Road about a mile from my house. Small world.

Quiet bar with a giant tele in it showing putrid daytime shows. The one on when I got there was “Judge Rinder” which is kind of like “Judge Judy” except the magistrate is young, British, and flaming. The case: a guy used a dating app and met a girl who turned out to be a prostitute; there were some unresolved financial issues. I didn’t wait around to see how Judgey-Wudgey sorted this.




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