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The King’s Arms is doomed. This isn’t because it is actually an Indian restaurant masquerading as a pub; the entire village of Longford is going to be bulldozed for the new 3rd Runway at Heathrow.




I got a cider and sat down to see the conclusion of the episode of Judge Rinder I started at the Five Bells a little while earlier and had a look around the place, amused by the menu (they probably meant ‘chilli,’ for spicy peppers and not ‘chilly,’ for a wee bit on the cold side).  I was also intrigued by ‘Chicken Lollipop.’





A thin young fellow came out of the kitchen to talk.  Eventually, I found out that he was from Goa and his sister lives in Swindon near the bus station. But, we started with:

Goa Boy: “Where do you come from?”
Me: “Ruislip.”
GB: “Iceland?”
Me: “Ruislip.”
GB: “Oh, Iceland.”
Me: “No, Ruislip.” I wrote it on an empty spot on my map.
GB: “I don’t know that. How far away?”
Me: “10 km.”
GB: “Iceland?”
Me, pointing at the scrawl on the map: “No, Uxbridge.” Then, I wrote Uxbridge on the map.
GB: “Oh, I know Uxbridge.”

Positioning the map so the pub was just in front of me, I moved my cider across the table to a point about arm’s length away, lifted it slightly saying, “this is Uxbridge;” then, taking a salt shaker and putting it a little to the right I added, “and that is Ruislip.”

GB: “Iceland?”
Me: “So, where are YOU from?”



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  2. We had one in central Pinner bulldozed a few years ago probably for “development”. 4 years later, it’s still a sad pile of rubble.


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