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I held the door into Trinity for a girl with a guitar bag slung across her back, then looked around the bar as she headed upstairs.  Eventually, a guy came over and asked if I had been served. “Happy hour?” I asked.
“Yes it is.”
“Okay, I wish to be happy. Make it so.” He looked at me blankly, so I continued, “I mean, how does your happy hour work?”
“Things are cheaper than later at night.”
“Okay, then. An Amstel, please. You sure it isn’t 3 for the price of 1?”
“You should know how it works.  You lot invented it.”
“True, but I’m not real proud of America’s recent innovations.”

Bingo. This prompted the start of a very pleasant chat wherein the guys at the bar tried to convince me of just how nice the States can be.





Another young woman with a guitar came in and asked if the session was upstairs. The other guy at the bar asked what was going on up there. “WURD Sessions. It’s some sort of live internet thing to give local singers and musicians a bit of exposure.”

Quite nice music in our bar, as well.  Dylan, the Clash, some Van Morrison and none of it the stuff you usually hear.  This instrumental came on and it turned out to be ‘Watermelon in Easter Hay‘ from Joe’s Garage.  Awesome.





The conversation returned to the election and I eventually got to repeat my theory that Trump will never serve. “You think he’ll abdicate?”
“Can they impeach him before he is in office?”
“No, and they’re Republicans…they want to use him for a while.”

“Just a theory, mind, but the wife and I reckon there has already been a call from the CIA or the NSA to the Kremlin that went something like,

‘You guys are going to have to eat this one. We’re going to make it look like an accident but, in the event of a thorough investigation, it will look like you did it. We’ll make it up to you sometime.’

“You know, business as usual.”  They pretended to be convinced.






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