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I used to bowl a lot and I was pretty good, too.  Had my own ball, was ranked in the local league, the works.  Then, I started to live a pretty transient existence for a couple of years and the 90 cents per line plus shoe rental seemed exorbitant so I stopped bowling but bowling alley bars always pulled me in.

Then, in Athens Georgia, the bowling alley was dry (no bar!?!?!) and I didn’t venture into another one for the next decade.  There simply is no point to bowling without beer.

Years passed.  We were wandering around an icy and snow blanketed Groningen in the northern reaches of the Netherlands one Sunday evening late in 2002 and realised all the bars were closed.  I pointed at the bowling alley and steered the woman in against her will.  “But, I don’t want to bowl.”

“Trust me,” I said, the words people who know me well dread to hear because when I’m right, there is nothing better than what happens next (but I’m usually very, very wrong).  The drinks were large, stiff, with good quality liquor, and dirt cheap plus the bartender brought out snacks.  We got thoroughly plastered for about 20 euros.

So, that’s why Jackie suggested the Bloomsbury Lanes to kill an hour before the first session at Socialism 2016.  “Are you sure?” I asked, knowing she wanted to explore some of the pubs in the neighbourhood.

“Trust me.”




Great music (a lot of the Atlantic Records rhythm and blues back catalogue plus unusual choices from the late 70’s like “The Magnificent Seven” from Sandinista), good prices, and a real party atmosphere.

The group we were sitting near all had on little sombreros except for the birthday boy who was fully decked out as Pancho Villa…we didn’t ask why.  But, they got the most gorgeous New York style pizza I’ve seen since the last time I was in New York, then another (and these pies were about 30 inches in diameter, as well).

There is also a diner/pizza restaurant area.  They have live music nights.  There are four private karaoke rooms.  Wild.

This is my new favourite in-town place.






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