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We attended, as we do annually, the Socialism conference and rallies.  We’re keen supporters but not members and, except for our dues, we probably do more and better for them from the outside.  I don’t know anything about dialectical materialism and I’m not going to wade through Das Kapital or Permanent Revolution for quotations to authenticate my points in a debate.

They — we — were buoyed this year by the fine showing of Bernie Sanders in the US Democratic Primaries.  The ‘rock star’ speaker this year was Darletta Scruggs, a member of the American group Socialist Alternative and part of Bernie’s Chicago team.  Interestingly, a couple of years ago I stood to correct the assertion that no American socialist would ever have any power in the national goverment of the USA; I pointed out, at that time, that while they are labeled Democrats you had Dennis Kucinich and Raul Grijalva plus there was this guy you probably never heard of from Vermont that was the first Congressman and then Senator that openly declared himself a socialist.  I was mocked roundly by the chair.




The formats were much the same as in years past with the speakers giving prepared speeches (sometimes disappointingly read and others passionately delivered from deep inside) followed by an open forum where anyone with anything to say can do.  And, they do, sometimes with intentional humour and insight and other times with disjointed dogma and almost always far beyond their allotted time.

Still, it is a great weekend every year and it points out the things I can do better, should pay closer attention to, or just didn’t know at all.

It also makes me more comfortable that the Revolution will not come in a violent way.  I wouldn’t be the first one up against the wall; but, I wouldn’t be the last one, either.



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