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The Blues Bar is really all I ever hope for in an after-work pub. It looks more like someone’s home that has been getting remodeled for the better part of a decade and off in the dark recesses you can see some related junk piled up. There was a pretty simple quiz show on tele that everyone in the bar participated with (returning to conversations started weeks before during commercial breaks). There was billiards being shot and an area that threatened to be occupied by musicians at some point in the future.

“Did you see the Super Moon?” one guy asked about the celestial event the night before.
“Too cloudy over yonder,” I said, shaking my head ruefully and pointing over my shoulder toward Ruislip (and the pile of old linens in the darkened room adjacent) with my thumb. “It looked brighter than I might have expected, but didn’t seem like anything especially big.”

“No, it wasn’t. They made it sound like if you missed it you’ll hate yourself because it will be another 70 years.  Not even worth getting off the bar stool for, really.”

The Blues Bar could be missed, too, but you probably shouldn’t. Fantastic bunch in there, and probably better than I’m describing it (again, seen through a bit of a fog as described at the entry for the Plough).





Posted November 16, 2016 by Drunken Bunny in Pubs

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