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The Plough was my intended first stop on the Heathrow Third Runway run, but I thought it had been converted to a restaurant (that one turned out to be a different one, before the King William but hey-ho!). I had imagined it in a bit more of a rural setting than the KW and, thus, a bit more at risk from the increased air traffic but, as it turns out, the William is in more directly in the flight path and the Plough will always have traffic due to the adjacent hotels.





I had a Ruby Witch, expecting something brownish but not nearly so dark, rich, and perfect: nearly as hearty as a porter.

I was about a mile and a half into the evening run after the mass spec conference and feeling pretty good about the day. By the next morning, I had sweated out a fever, slept 12 hours but still felt exhausted, and had a sharp, painful calf cramp that momentarily left a knot and, as the next day wore on, a bruise and left me barely able to walk. Giving it a day before calling the GP for an appointment.





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