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Two days at the Socialist conference were followed by two days at a very corporate-styled mass spectrometry conference at the Marriott next to Heathrow.  Day One was pretty good, surprisingly, since the focus was ostensibly on proteomics but also featured some FTICR and imaging mass spec courtesy a guy I did some of my PhD work for at NHMFL and a guy I post-doc’ed for at AMOLF, respectively.  Ten or eleven other presenters were former colleagues and another 6-8 were people I’ve been out drinking with — more of a reunion than work.

But, as it was only a few miles from home I had planned on cooking supper at the house and, at the end of the day, stripped down to running gear and started my commute (with — of course — a couple of stops along the way).

The first stop was at the Pheasant, a pub/restaurant that seemed busier with staff than punters at 6 pm, a strong indication that it is more the latter than the former.  The beer was good, the Welsh barmaid a hoot, and the music annoyingly poppy but low.  Not really worth a stay for a lone drinker with five miles still to go.




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