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200 Quaker settlers from Rickmansworth were convinced by William Penn to go to his newly formed colony and roughly 350 years later I came to town to sit in The Pennsylvanian, a pub named in honour of those events.  Inside, a bog standard Wetherspoons but, at least, it provided some respite from the rude little brats scurrying all over the streets (several snooty private schools infest this otherwise bucolic town).



I asked for the darkest beer on the taps and received a pint of Todd The Axe Man from Amager Bryghus.  It had a delightfully phenolic taste and texture atop a nutty finish.  And, speaking of a nutty finish I got up to leave and had to wait while a midget and a very Down’s Syndrome girl fought over who could hold the door open for a guy on a mobility scooter who, in turn, didn’t really seem ready to leave yet.






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